Special NA Block Pricing


Join other members of the NA fellowship as we set out on an adventure to explore the wonders of the ocean .  We will be departing at 4:30 from the St. John's Harbour only a 6 minute walk from the Delta Hotel.  Be sure to be there at least 30 minutes early as it take time to board.

You will be able to book through us and pick up your Boat Tour ticket(s) at the convention registration table when you arrive at the convention.

Limited Seating

Pricing includes taxes and port fees

Adult - $94.50
Senior - $ 88.55 (65 & over)
Student - $82.80 (18-25 yrs)
Youth - $59.80 (9-17 yrs old)
Children - $48.30 (2-8 yrs old)

Purchases with credit cards will encouter a small processing fee.