Bulk CCNA Registration Packages - Email Transfer/Cheque

Bulk CCNA Registration Packages - Email Transfer/Cheque

CCNA XXV Calgary, Alberta on Sept 29, 30 & Oct 1, 2017

Use this registration form to purchase multiple Registration Packages.

Regular registrations need to be submitted here.

The registration packages may be self distributed or distributed by the Canadian Convention Work Group. You can make that choice during the purchase process below.

Basic Registration Packages are $ 40.00 each

Full Registration Packages are $ 105.00 each (includes Friday night entertainment, banquet, Saturday night dance & comedy show)


This form only processes Email Money Transfers or cheques. Click here to pay using a credit card

Email Money Transfer

If you have questions about how Email Money Transfers work check with Interac or send us an email

Upon the conclusion of this bulk registration you will be asked to send your Email Money Transfer within 24 hours to orders@canadianconvention.com. You will receive confirmation of payment from CCNA and your financial institution. If that payment is not received within 24 hours your registration submission shall be deleted from our system. Your financial institution may charge a small fee to complete this Email Money Transfer.

If your intent is to pay by cheque, you must present that cheque to a Local Work Group member (CCNA) or mail it to our PO Box. Payments by cheque must be received within 21 days and will not be accepted after Aug 31, 2017. Cheques must be made payable to CCNA