It takes so many people and so much talent and time to make a convention a success.  Please express your gratitute by offering to serve at CCNA this year


This service opportunity is available to members who live close to the convention in the greater Edmonton area. We are looking for talented leaders to assume the front line responsibilities to ensure our event is a spiritual and financial success. Candidates must submit their service resumes to be considered for a position on the Local Work Group
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All Positions Are Filled


CCNA will need a lot of speakers to complete our program.  We search our registration list to find most of our speakers.  We require speakers at a topic meeting to have at least 3 years clean and the main speakers must have at least 5 years clean.  Contact us if you are interested in being considered.
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Every recovery meeting needs a Chair Person.  If you have at least 3 years clean and would like to be considered to chair one of the meetings, please take a couple of minutes and let us know. 
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It takes so many people to host a national convention of this size.  We hope you will express your gratitude for this program with some of your time and talent by letting us know you are available and willing to be a part of the service required to have a successful convention
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